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3bble World Ranking Challenge (3bble WRC) is the World Ranking of all the Jorkyball players around the world.
Each Jorker can gain points at 4 levels:
  • Challenging with a partner an other Jorkyball team
  • Playing in the tournaments organised by the clubs of the 3bble WRC circuit
  • Playing in National Tournaments
  • Playing in International Tournaments
Points are calculated by a proprietary algorithm owned by 3bble, and “adjusted” based on the importance of the Tournament and the ranking of the challengers
At year end , in December , the best Jorkers of the World will play the Masters.


By registering, your club will automatically join the International circuit of Jorkyball Clubs around the world..

You will be able to organise in your club tournaments that qualify for gaining points for the World Ranking. Your club will also qualify to host challenges among Jorkers who wants to improve their ranking.


By registering, you will be able to play in all tournaments of the 3bble Worls Ranking Challenge circuit and gain points useful for the World Ranking.

JORKYBALL_REGISTRAZIONE_GIOCATORE_FRASE_2 You will also be able to challenge with a friend and teammate  other Jorkyball teams to increase your ranking.